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Telegram channel of reshow, with raw information on newly added materials to
and on debris we can't take to æBod, but we can deliver straight to you. (Fast coordination required via or via
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several "Kjøkkenmoduler" ready for your noncommercial cultural initiative… anyone?
we have several pieces of black, thick opaque, fireproof fabric, some prepared as curtains… one of them is already online and ready for your cultural initiatives…


this month we will add more and more materials to as we have way lot of things at æBod… feel free to drop by and select in-situ too 🙂
5 beautiful freight cases available, but not for long. Send reshow a message if youre interested in one or all.
We are increasing security of and reshow app (for iOs and Android).
For this reason all registered users will receive an email regarding passwords … Apologizes for the inconvenience.
Hi. We are collecting materials at teknisk museum. Soon grey carpets will be available at as well as plexiglass in small sizes. 😃
Nice grey Pedestal in 50*50*110+2 in the top... not online yet, as other four pedestals in different sizes 😃 feel free to drop by æBod and pick them directly
Needing a hand for your noncommercial cultural initiative ? We can share some paint:
Hi. Today we will join the march , so our storage ''æBod'' won't be open.
how about several pedestals in diverse measures and colours? soon we will get them for your noncommercial cultural initiative, so if you are into pedestals and want to save a trip, just blink twice before next week 🙂
Slowly we are moving in the material world ...still distancing, but trying to keep good things out of the bins. What about 15 pieces of mdf in 12x3000x1220?

update: materials were selected. 👍
Today we moved æBod for few months to Nydalen. Soon giving materials again. 😃
To langbord og fire krakker. Gis bort ila denne uka. Gi lyd om du er interessert.
40STK 6m long 10cm diameter Kraft carton 2mm thickness... anyone?
Those brand new surplus of tubes from an upcoming exhibition can be cut if you need another measure. Next week will be cast away... if not for you maybe a colleague you know?... after the show another 150-200 tubes will be available
From tomorrow, Wednesday, you can drop by our installation ''TAKE A REST'' at Norsk Teknisk Museum, made entirely with debris from exhibitions... well, we bought two new markers 🤫. Those and all materials are soon available online: