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RESHOW is an empirical comment on abundance with focus on debris from exhibitions.

An organic waste management system implying:

· coordination
· selection
· recollection
· refit
· catalogue
· storage
· reallocation

RESHOW promotes reuse, and development of non commercial  cultural initiatives with constant collaboration between producers.

RESHOW leads to expand possibilities of appropriation and resignification of everyday life and its debris, core topics of antipodes cafés oeuvre.

All materials presented in this site are free of charge for their reuse.
Feel free to select anything you want to reuse, and a date and time to pick up your selection at «æBod».

«æBod» (shortening for “antipodes café Bod”) is the storage of «æHouse», and –as all explorations from «æSeries»–, it is placed in the encounter of the city with a construction site; in this case the refurbishment of Oslo Prison.

Want to share materials from your exhibition, or to support RESHOW ?
Contact us, or to drop by for a coffee at æStudio or æStue or æBod

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