Address: Åkebergveien 9, 0650, Oslo, Norway
Opening hours: Sundays 1-3pm (BAO)

æBod” shortening of “antipodes café Bod” is the storage of æHouse, which takes on part on æSeries, a conglomerate of explorations in the encounter of the city and its construction sites for unveiling it as a public space.

If you want fresh info on selected debris from exhibitions, including those that will never arrive to æBod, feel free to subscribe to reshow public channel on Telegram* . Yes, gratis, no adds, no tracking.

Telegram public channel:

As the public channel is a “one way only” communication format, reshow also counts with a public group on Telegram in which all users can communicate directly with antipodes café and with other users.

Feel free to subscribe and take part in this group:

Why not Whats App, Facebook, Twitter and apps that most people already use?
Making profits will never be an end-goal for antipodes café and its projects. This is something we share with Telegram, in addition to some thoughts on internet privacy and of course technical benefits of this cloud-based messenger such as the channels.

…and what about Signal?
We use it just for communication via SMS when coordinating directly with already registered users at the moment of delivering (i.e. parking, changing pick up time etc) as Signal is aligned with Telegram in several topics such as privacy, no ads, no affiliate marketers, no creepy tracking, and –not minor– it is a fully open source project; but still is on Amazon, and not so developed for channels and groups as Telegram.