ERCO Stella Spotlight

ERCO Stella Spotlight for track
Designed by Franco Clivio

Model 73608.000

  • Lamp housing and bracket:
    • cast aluminum
    • powder coated
    • 90º tilt
    • Bracket on adapter rotatable through 360º
    • Internal wiring
    • Only for ceiling mounting
    • aperture: from 10º to 70º
  • Adapter for 3 circuit track:
    • plastic (one of the two plastic pieces that helps to keep the adapter attached to the track is not there -check image-, the lamp can be hanged and when you turn it on it will get more stuck. As the lamp is heavy, and to avoid hurting the track, we suggest you to replace this adapter. Is quite easy to find and replace: Model 79050/051)
    • 250V/10A
  • Transformer
    • 250/12V
    • max 100W (low voltage halogen lamps)
    • Circuit pre-selection.
  • Bulb:
    • QT 12 GY6,2 100W 12 V
    • distance minimum 0,3 m

Not tested. Please consult a licensed electrician before use.-

For long term cultural initiatives only.

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