ERCO TM Spotlight

ERCO TM spotlight for low-voltage halogen lamps.

Model 77495 (1998)

  • Housing:
    • Cast aluminum, powder-coated.
    • Black
    • 0-90º tilt
    • Lateral guides for accessories.
    • Bracket on 3 circuit adapter rotatable through 360º
    • Safety transformer 230/12V
    • Primary fuse.
  • Erco 3-circuit adapter:
    • plastic
  • Lamps (NOT INCLUDED):
    • QR-LP111 50W 12V G53 4º
    • QR-LP111 50W 12v G53 24º

Not tested. Please consult a licensed electrician before use.-

For long term cultural initiatives only.

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For track. Black. LMF D
Lamps: QR-LP111 50W 12V G534–24º (not included)
Housing and bracket (360º): Cast alluminum, powder coated. 0-90º tilt.
Lateral guides for accessories. 3 circuit adapter. Safety transformer: 240/12V.
Primary fuse. / Design: Heidi & Dieter Witte 1975 / iF product design award 1977

Initial stock: 8 (4 brand new, 4 like new)


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