Orange display cabinet

The vitrine (pictures) is now with a new life in a cultural center, but there are 2 more available for a short period as we do not have room in our storage.


  • 150cm x 75,5 cm x 80 cm.
  • 3 cm square base metal perfectly weld.
  • Painted in orange.
  • Include height regulation.

Display cabinet

  • base = 2cm height not visible from the side.
  • sides = 10 cm height (exterior) 8cm height interior (7,5 without top acrylic) -(made by gluing 2 pieces of MDF in 8mm each )
  • top = Acrylic 5 mm thick (73.5 cm x 148cm)
  • wooden “stops” under the cabinet, for suiting perfect over the legs.
  • It can be easily stuck to the legs with just duct-tape (like the one we removed when we pick it).

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Dimensions 150 × 75.5 × 90 cm
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