Plug-in Timer

Timer with day function. Minimum timer activation time: 30 minutes (equal one segment tappet pushed in). Switch for selecting timer control or continuous wall outlet function.

Note: All time segment tappets (black) are pushed in, which means it will be in constant on mode. Begin by pulling up all the tappets before setting the timer. The time setting dial is marked with the hours in a day (1–24 hrs).

Setting the timer
Example: If you want the timer to activate at 10 pm (22:00) and turn off at 11 pm (23:00): Press in the 2 black tappets spanning 22 and 23. The timer will then activate between 10 pm and 11 pm and then deactivate and will not reactivate until 10 pm the following evening.

Setting the current time
1. Set the current time by turning the dial clockwise until the arrow is aligned with the current time.
2. Set the red selector switch to the clock position.

Rated voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Max resistive load: 16 A
inductive load max 460 VA
Operating temperature 0 – 55 °C
Accuracy ± 5 minutes/day

NOT TESTED. Please consult a licensed electrician before use.-

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Dimensions 10 × 5.5 × 8 cm
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