Transparent acrylic 6mm (150×196 cm)

Rectangular panels in transparent acrylic.

  • Some include printed papers, attached with double sided tape.
  • All of them with holes in the shorter side for hanging vertically.
  • Some may include small rests of silicon in the bottom (quite easy to remove)
  • 8 of them are attached in pairs with iron bars (3mm) on both sides
    • 4 iron bars per group of 2 acrylic panels.
    • iron bars includes screws perfectly mounted and holes matching those from the acrylic pieces. Thus you can hang this 2 panels in vertical with no problem and easily add some papers or whatever material in between the panels (yes, like a “sandwich”)


  1. generic image of transparent acrylic.
  2. detail of border of panels with iron bars.

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Dimensions 150 × 196 × 0.6 cm
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