reshow constitutes an empirical comment on abundance with focus on debris from exhibitions, presented as a dynamic waste management system, implying:

  • coordination
  • selection
  • recollection
  • refit
  • catalogue
  • storage
  • communication
  • reallocation

Towards infinite possibilities of appropriation and resignification of everyday life and its debris, reshow invites to:

· reuse symbolic materials, to create noncommercial cultural initiatives in a collaborative manner.
The elements of a new society are formed within the old.

· prevent waste during while creating, rather than continuing the economy of re-employment of the excretions of production for increasing the rate of profit and indiscriminate consumption. Wealth often leads to waste, waste to ruin. These effects of wealth arise from a lack of instruction in rich youth.

All available materials are free of charge for their reuse.
Please feel free to select anything you want to reuse, and a date and time to pick up at our storage.