Rear projection screen

AV Stumpfl rear projection screen.

  • Vynil surface that prevents seeing the light spot of the projector.
  • Overall size 240 x 180 cm
  • Net picture area 230 x 170 cm
  • include standard clips (so you can stretch the screen easily to any frame with similar clips.)–check image–
  • The original frame and bag are offered separately (with reshow antipodes café promotes to reuse, and that can be something totally else than the original purpose of the material)
  • high gain factor
  • ƒhigh brightness at narrow viewing angleƒ
  • full white
  • suitable for low power projectors
  • ƒflexible and foldableƒ
  • flame retardant and non-aging
  • ƒwashable with water

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Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 240 × 180 × 0.3 cm
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