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Arbeid Pågår

ShowArbeid pågår! (Eng. “Under construction!”)
Date10. June –28. September 2014
PlaceDOGA, Oslo, Norway
Selected debrisbanners, wooden panels (printed)
Årbeid Pågar! – Photographs: Roberto di Trani – DOGA © 2014


2016 – æDEG15, Barcode, Oslo
2017 – antipodes café visita Elefante, Brasilia

One of the three aprons made in house by Sunniva and daily used in the project æDEG15 (Barcode, Oslo, 2016)
Foto: exhibition antipodes café visita Elefante. (ECC, Brasilia, 2017)

2016 – workshop “dispose” (w/Basurama) æDEG15, Barcode, Oslo

Banners were reused during a two days open workshop at æDEG15 for creating deckchairs. Workshop was directed by Basurama (Spain)