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Stakkars-oss som bor i Oslo

ShowStakkars-oss som bor i Oslo (Eng: Poor us who live in Oslo)
Date22. January–10. March 2015
PlaceDOGA, Oslo, Norway
Selected debriswooden planks and lists, screws (hundreds!)
Stakkars oss som bor i Oslo, photo: 2015 © Morten Storstein


2015 – Satire seminar, National Library, Oslo

Wood was reused for a Seminar about Satire arranged by Det Flerespråk Biblioteket at the National Library in Oslo.
(papers for those signs were back side of posters found on a trash bin. Sentences were defined by librarians.)

2016 – Deckchairs workshop “Dispose” with Basurama at æDEG15, and urban intervention in Bjørvika, Oslo

Screws and wood were reused for creating deckchairs with Basurama at æDEG15, Barcode, Oslo.